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Trained hvac technician holding a voltage meter, performing preventative maintenance on a air conditioning condenser unit.

One of the worst things homeowners can face is a central air conditioner breakdown. This situation always seems to happen on the hottest day of the wear, leaving occupants hot, sweaty, and miserable. Although many are surprised when their central unit stops working, experiencing the following problems frequently indicates you may soon require a new central air conditioner.

Warm Air Comes From the Vents

This sign is perhaps the most noticeable one that indicates a potential breakdown. First, try changing the air filter, as a dirty filter can block cooled air. Also, check if your thermostat is set to cool and the fan is on “Automatic.” If these checks don’t work, you may have a more severe problem, like a refrigerant leak, low refrigerant levels, a bad capacitor, or a broken compressor.

Weak Airflow

A clogged air filter can also cause weak airflow. But if the flow remains weak, leaky ducts could be the culprit. Sealing ducts is a relatively easy fix, but more severe problems can include issues with the fan or the compressor. Service your central air unit before it begins to freeze over or the motors burn out.

Strange Noises

The only noise a healthy air conditioner should make is a low and steady blowing noise, indicating that it’s on and working properly. However, if you hear noises such as squealing, buzzing, rattles, hisses, clanging, or grinding, your unit could be heading for a breakdown. The louder these sounds are, the more concerned you should be. These noises can indicate a mix of issues that range in severity, so it is wise to have a professional check the unit to determine the cause and severity. Allowing the noises and the problem to continue can result in severe damage.

Bad Odors

Does the house smell bad, especially when your air conditioning is running? Your air conditioner should never smell bad. If you detect a strong burning smell, insulation on the wiring could have deteriorated, causing a fire hazard. Musty odors indicate biological growth somewhere in the systems, especially on the coils. Ask your local HVAC company for an inspection to diagnose the problem.

Utility Bills Have Skyrocketed

If you run your air conditioner a lot in warmer weather, you expect to see higher utility bills. However, if they seem through the roof and your air conditioning is constantly running, those are indications that something is wrong with your unit. When your air conditioner isn’t running efficiently, it clearly indicates something is wrong.

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