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The air you breathe has a large effect on your health. If you are breathing air that has pollutants, allergens, dirt, or dust in it, it could be very dangerous to your respiratory system. Inhaling polluted air can lead to pneumonia, asthma, heart disease, allergic reactions, and even cancer. This is why you need to maintain good indoor air quality, no matter what it takes. Here are a few of the best ways to improve your indoor air quality in Santa Barbara, CA.

1. Keep Your House Clean

The first thing you can do to improve your home’s indoor air quality is to keep your home clean. Having a messy house is a surefire way to have dirt and dust particles floating in the air that you breathe. You should put some time aside every week to clean up your home, including cleaning your floors and furniture. Your floors are often the dirtiest part of your home, and this is especially true if you have carpet.

2. Change Air Filters Frequently

The air filter in your HVAC system is responsible for catching dirt and pollutants in your air supply before it gets pushed through your ventilation system. After a while, your air filter will get dirty and it will need to be replaced.

Some homeowners don’t replace their air filters as often as they should, which can lead to a dirty air filter clogging up your HVAC system. The dirt and pollutants from the dirty air filter will start getting into the air you breathe if you don’t change it.

3. Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Another way to improve indoor air quality is to have your air ducts cleaned. Your air ducts can begin to collect a lot of filth, including pet hair, dust, dirt, dander, and even mold and mildew. These things will get pushed into your home every time you turn on your air conditioning. Getting your air ducts cleaned is one of the quickest ways to get clean air circulating in your home once again.

4. Don’t Wear Shoes Around the House

While it may not occur to you, wearing shoes around the house can contribute to poor indoor air quality. Whether you’ve been outside exploring Alameda Park or Shoreline Park, a lot of dirt gets attached to the bottom of your shoes as you walk around. When you walk into your home, that dirt gets all over your floors and into your air supply. This is especially true if you have rugs or carpets in your home; the dirt will get trapped within their fibers and it will be hard to get them out.

Air quality is something that many homeowners overlook, but you need to take action for the sake of your family’s health. At Crocker Refrigeration Heating & Air, we provide IAQ services to improve the air you breathe. We also offer HVAC maintenance to ensure that your heating and air system is not contributed to poor-quality air. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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