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Now that springtime has arrived and temperatures are rising in Goleta, CA, the way that you use your home’s HVAC system is going to change. As we leave behind the chilly temperatures of winter, it’s time to stop using your HVAC system to keep your house warm and instead use it to keep your home cool and comfortable while also improving your indoor air quality. Before you convert to full-time cooling mode, be sure to schedule an HVAC tune-up. Doing so can improve your home in multiple ways.

1. Improve Your Home’s Comfort

While springtime may provide some warmer temperatures that are relatively mild, one of the most important reasons to schedule spring HVAC maintenance is that it allows you to get ahead of the scorching temperatures of summertime in Goleta. In order for your home to be as comfortable as possible, each part of your HVAC system needs to operate at its peak. During one of our spring HVAC maintenance visits, our service technician will check every part of your HVAC system, ensuring that your system is ready to keep your home comfortable, regardless of how hot things get outside.

2. Boost Energy Efficiency

It’s not uncommon for people to think that skipping spring HVAC maintenance saves them money, but that’s simply not the case. Instead, investing in a spring HVAC tune-up is an investment in the short-term and long-term functionality of your home’s HVAC system. We’ve already established that having a high-functioning HVAC system is crucial to your home’s comfort. However, it’s also an important part of balancing your monthly budget. In order for your HVAC system to work at its best, each component needs to work as designed. The same thorough examination that ensures that your HVAC system is ready to keep your home comfortable can ensure that your system is ready to keep your home operating at peak energy efficiency.

3. Protect Yourself Against Future Expenses

Most HVAC systems, regardless of their exact type, come with a manufacturer’s warranty in place. This warranty, while limited as far as time goes, ensures that you are not financially responsible for the cost of repairs and replacement parts. However, it’s important to understand that these warranties have certain conditions that you are expected to meet. One of the most common warranty requirements is that you’ve had regular maintenance performed on the system by a licensed professional. When you schedule a springtime HVAC maintenance visit, you’re really protecting yourself against the cost associated with high-priced repairs and replacement parts during the life of your system’s warranty.

When you allow the team at Crocker Refrigeration Heating & Air to give your HVAC system a springtime tune-up, you’re truly investing in the health and functionality of your home. Not only does it improve comfort and efficiency and protect your warranty, but it also ensures that any potential problems are identified and rectified before they turn into something major. Call us today to schedule your springtime HVAC maintenance visit and ask about the rest of our services.

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