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6 Tips for Reducing Your Air Conditioning Bill

Air heat pump

6 Tips for Reducing Your Air Conditioning Bill Running your air conditioner is one of the largest draws of electricity in your home over the summer. Use these six tips to help reduce how much you pay while keeping your home cool and comfortable. 1. Change Your Filter Regularly Start by making sure to change […]

Use These 4 Tips for Air Conditioner Savings

Air conditioning can significantly affect your monthly energy bill, especially during the warmer months. To help you stay cool while saving money, explore the following four tips on improving your air conditioning efficiency while remaining just as comfortable. 1. Change Your Behaviors A few simple changes can keep you cool in the summer heat while […]

How AC Zoning Can Help You Cool Your Home and Reduce Costs

Mini-split ductless air conditioning unit installed in unfinished room

AC zoning is a great way to control the temperature of your home efficiently and save money on energy costs. It works by dividing up your house into different zones, each of which can be cooled or heated independently. This means that you only need to use energy in the areas of your home where […]